Friday, February 19, 2010


I was blog walking, and I came to this blog shop. The core product are pre-loved item which means second hand item. But there are also brand new item like accessories (brooches, hp straps, rings, earring & etc)

They were selling off item with a very damn cheap. All below RM10. super-duper cheap right? huh… I guess they just want to clear their closet… not because of they want to sell something to earn profit.

Why don’t You visit their blog too?

Oh yes… they are having some giveaway-like… but not contest. It’s for their customer / future customer who buy or will buy from them starting 1st day of CNY until the 15th of CNY. Which means until 28th Feb 2010. They called it CNY special item… I kind of curious of what this special item are… I did asked the owner of the blog, and she said… it’s something to do with accessories… hand made and bought from China. wow… sounds cool right…mmm… planning to have a look again. who knows I might have interested on something. So, HURRY UP girls… !!!

psst… Guys also are welcome. I’ve spotted that there’s also guy’s apparels… :)

Here’s the link:

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