Thursday, July 29, 2010

Anniversary COntest by MaslinaMansor

Happy Anniversary

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since I'm not married yer, so i'll put my picture together with my partner

erk... cerita mengenai pasangan?mmm... mau mula cne ek...
mm.. ni gambar me & my gf...
she was my junior in UM, but she took different course,
she still staying in 3rd college while I am no longer there...
we met because she's joining traditional musical team named Kuolintang (i was also in the team)
since then, we get closer and closer
until 1 day I have a gut to propose her as my partner in life
and she accepted my proposed :)
we had been coupled for 1 year and 8 months

things, that i'd gave her are:


and some other things that i don't have the pictures like roses, t-shirt, watch, rabbits and etc

so, ayat paling jiwang...
(i think it's too many... only some that i can recall)
" I will always loves u in my life"
"If God is the DJ, then life is the dance floor; love is the rhythm, and you are the music"

3 cadangan hadiah utk suami penganjur:
  • an album (pictures starting with the very 1st time u met with ur husband, coupled, getting married and so on... make it as interesting as possible... hiaskan dengan sekreatif yang boleh. if u got child/ren, letak gambar pasal mereka juga... ur happy momments, ur dedications. handmade punye lagi bagus. baru macam u put all ur effort in it. and it's cheap too :)
  • u can throw him a surprise party, invite his old friends (primary/uni/mate) his best buddies, as many as u can
  • i think all guys is a freak-gadgets :P (including me), so my idea is u can give the latest gadget in market :) sure he will be suprised
  • if ur husband loves sumting specific like gardening(as an example), u may buy him a set of gardening tools, fertilizers, flower seeds etc..
  • as a wife, u can cook for them :) a very special menu...
teeeheeheeeheeheee... it's more than 3 already :P

tarikh tutup contest:
9 Aug 2010

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