Sunday, July 4, 2010

Heart Ecos 1st Anniversary 2nd GA

organized by Heart Eco

will be having TWO winners! :)

therefore, there will be 2 categories:-

The 1st category would be themed 'Rainbow Peace', paper bag notebook containing 20 pages ♥

the 2nd category would be themed 'Teddy Loves', a bookmark card ♥
(oh... my.. i heart this so much)

both winners would also be taking home these awesome crafty materials :)
  • 2 square stickers stamped with my custom made stamp (2.5x2.5cm)
  • 2 black buttons (2cm diameter)
  • 2 cute mini wooden clothes peg (2.5cm long)
  • 2 colors each of the party glass confetti (silver, gold, pink, red, turquoise & blue)
  • 2 meter long red ribbon (1cm wide)
  • 2 patterns each of five different kawaii papers! (19.5x13cm)
The winners will be chosen this way:
'Rainbow Peace' winner would be chosen by the most interesting and creative post, whilst 'Teddy Loves' winner would be randomly picked using a site called after excluding the winner for 'Rainbow Peace'.

*Note that you are NOT allowed to copy another participant's post, or we will automatically ban you from this giveaway

end: 31st July 12.59pm

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